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MBA 25 year anniversary gala and EMBA 20 year anniversary gala at Bank

MBA 25 year anniversary gala, 10.10.2009

Based on the concept of the EMBA 20 years gala held one year earlier, HSE Executive Education Ltd. asked Eventgarden to organize the 25 year anniversary gala of their MBA program. Once again Jani Toivola acted as the host of a celebration event that climaxed in the famous magic show of Martti Vannas and musical performances by Elmeri. Impressive decoration and space lighting rounded up the big picture and the evening fulfilled the clients’ expectations completely.

EMBA 20 year anniversary gala, 28.8.2008

HSE Executive Education Oy requested the creation of a classy event to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their EMBA program with guests from all around the globe. The aim was to create a festive and entertaining event on international standard.

In a classic event space in Helsinki’s center, Eventgarden created a high-class dinner event and award ceremony with beautiful decor and diverse entertainment. Famous host Jani Toivola led through an evening of award speeches, improvisational comedy and music entertainment by the favored Finnish band Gebardi. The event received positive feedback from international guests as well as locals.

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