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Länsimetro opening events

Opening event Länsimetro, 24.11.2009
Place: Ruoholahti 6 floors below ground in a metro tunnel

The opening event of Länsimetro took place in a tunnel next to the actual metro tunnel at Ruolahti, Helsinki. The cities of Helsinki and Espoo celebrated the start shoot of their first major common project and Traffic Minister Anu Vehviläinen visited the event. The extraordinary space gave Eventgarden new possibilities of space design and client brand integration into the event whole. The event exceeded expectations of clients and guests alike and many praised the efficient event running, visual design and excellent catering.

Länsimetro opening Event, Tapiola, 1.6.2010
Place: Tapiola, tent event in the middle of the new construction site

The building works of Länsimetro in Espoo were celebrated with a big media presence on 1.6.2010 in Tapiola, Espoo. After the official opening ceremony, the event guests enjoyed musical performances by Tapiola’s youth orchestra, coffee and Länsimetro branded cakes. Eventgarden was responsible for the complete planning and event.

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